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Capitalight Research publishes weekly and monthly proprietary research focused on the gold and silver prices, Canadian preferred shares and economics.  Customers typically subscribe to our research publications on an annual basis.  Our clients include global gold and silver mining companies interested in our commodity price forecasts and large investment funds and wealth management companies that interested in our commodity, preferred shares research and economic forecasts.  Our clients use the proprietary research to inform their investment decisions, capital allocation decisions, treasury operations and business risk assessments.


The following are our subscription research brands:

Gold Monitor

Dr. Murenbeeld’s flagship publication is the internationally read Gold Monitor, which has been published for nearly 40 years. We continue to publish it each Friday. The Gold Monitor is quantitative driven with the analysis that only many years of experience of closely monitoring the market can provide. It includes a scenario based gold price forecast.

Silver Monitor

We launched our new Commodities Report in September 2020. The inaugural edition included our Silver Price Outlook. Future editions will include price forecasts, proprietary analysis, and indices beyond silver.

Canadian Preferred Share Research (CPSR)

Capitalight's Canadian Preferred Share Research provides full analysis of our investment picks for income investors. We believe that preferred shares are scarcely researched in Canada and investors deserve better.

Economic Reports

The Economic Monitor takes a deep dive into the current state of the Canadian and US economies. This publication includes a topical article and our interest rate and exchange rate forecasts. It is published every other month. The Equity and Bond Observer focuses on equity market valuation. Our models in this publication are based on the principles of Benjamin Graham “the father of value-investing”.

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