Capitalight's Canadian Preferred Share Research provides full analysis of our investment picks for income investors. We believe that preferred shares are scarcely researched in Canada and investors deserve better.

CPSR provides two unique products to assist preferred share investors with portfolio management. 

Preferred Insights provides a deep dive into a company, analyzing the investment merits of the company's preferred shares. The report also includes our Canadian Preferred Share buy and avoid list.

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Preferred Allocation answers questions regarding the overall preferred share market, for example, is the preferred share market fair, under or overvalued, what preferred share structure is the best to invest in and what preferred share sector provides the best opportunity. 

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Nick Otton, CFA, MBA

Head of Preferred Share Research

Nick Otton is the Head of Preferred Share Research for Capitalight. He has five years of investment experience across asset classes: small caps, distressed debt and preferred shares. Nick is always looking for inefficiencies in investing and his day to day life. He first became interested in Canadian preferred shares in late 2015 after the Canadian preferred share market sold off. Nick has been studying and investing in the Canadian preferred shares market since 2015.

Nick previously worked at McLean and Partners, a Calgary based Wealth Manager, working on McLean’s US Equities and Fixed Income funds. Before McLean and Partners, he worked with distressed debt, assisting in a proxy fight to take over a small company through its debt. He has also worked at Dundee and a small Canadian Hedge fund.

Nick is a CFA Charter holder. Nick received his Master’s in Business Administration from Concordia University and a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Bishop’s University. Nick is a board member of Bishop’s University’s SEED Portfolio, a student run investment portfolio.