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Exploration Project - Blue Lake Property

The Blue Lake Property is 60km northeast of Schefferville, Quebec, and now consists of a group of 281 contiguous claims covering 13,834 hectares along a 37 km long by 3-to-5 km wide corridor on one of the most under explored and prospective Pt-Pd-Cu-Ni belts in Canada. Schefferville provides regional access including railroad to the port at Sept-Îles.

The Blue Lake Property includes several Pt-Pd-Cu-Ni showings (Lac Hyland, Lost Lake, Notch Lake, Nancy Lake South, Lac Retty West, Blue Lake North, Blue Lake 1 through 5, Pogo, Centre, and Berry Lake) that cover the mineralized "middle and upper peridotite sill" units. These sills were outlined through several surveys consisting of 2,377 l/km of VTEM and magnetic data flown for Anglo American Exploration Canada in 2011 (part of their former North American Nickel project claims which are now part of the Blue Lake Property) and 1,767 l/km of ProspecTEM and magnetic data flown by Capitalight (f/k/a Rockland Minerals) in 2010 plus ground mapping, rock and soil sampling, and limited drilling (collectively “the Surveys”).

Blue Lake.jpg

The Surveys show strong anomalous EM responses spatially associated with the target middle and upper peridotite sills. The highly conductive pyrite-pyrrhotite rich sulphide horizon occurring immediately below the middle peridotite unit, is thought to be related to the early stages of voluminous basaltic volcanism (Frarey, 1967; Rohon, 1989). This pyrite-pyrrhotite rich unit plays a key role in localizing Pt-Pd-Cu-Ni mineralization at the Blue Lake Property and marks a stratigraphic timeline that localizes some of the largest Cu-Ni ± PGE deposits in the northern Labrador Trough (Clark and Wares, 2005).
In 2015 the Company completed a work program consisting of 73 l/km of total field magnetic and VLF surveys, 1109 portable XRF bedrock assays and 7 diamond drill holes totaling 708 m. Six of the seven holes intersected the targeted conductors, and four intersected zones of strongly disseminated to massive magmatic sulphides. Significant Pt-Pd-Cu-Ni bearing mineralization was intersected in two holes. This work program evaluated only a small fraction of the 119 km of highly prospective Middle and Lower sill interpreted EM anomalies that have been outlined.

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